Land of Belle is a destination for beautifully-crafted home decor items from small brand producers around the world

About Land Of Belle

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Created with true design lovers in mind, Land of Belle is a destination for beautifully-crafted home decor items from small brands and producers around the world.

In a world of aesthetic binaries—over-the-top maximalism and the monochromatic sameness of today’s design landscape—Land of Belle bridges the gap by showing how old-world beauty can exist in harmony with a more pared-down contemporary perspective.

The company’s spirit is rooted in the idea that the objects that surround us have the power to influence our life experience. They inspire creativity, transport us to different places and times, and create a beauty-filled environment that grounds us and soothes the spirit.

The things we collect along the way should be a reflection of not only ourselves and our tastes, but the lives we want to lead. More than the walls that enclose us, it is our collected treasures that create a sense of place and meaning, as they move through life with us and land wherever we call home.

About the Founder

Annabelle Moehlmann was inspired to start Land of Belle after going through the wedding registry process. She realized there was not a destination where she could register for—or even shop—her favorite home accessories, many of which were discovered on travels.

With Land of Belle, she intends to showcase the world’s leading boutique home accessories brands and artisans with others who share her passion for beautiful craftsmanship, love of unique pieces, and endless wanderlust.

Prior to starting the company, Moehlmann worked in the design world in different capacities before leading brand partnerships and business development at Indagare, a luxury travel company.