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Alain Saint-Joanis

The craftsmen at Alain Saint-Joanis have been creating exceptional cutlery since 1876. Their pieces, made of stainless steel or silverplate with smooth handles carved out of ebony, boxwood, rosewood, silverplate and resin, add a touch of understated, old-world elegance to any table.


Osaka Collection


Boxwood Majestic Collection


Light Horn Marbella Collection


Aqua Seville Collection


Dark Blue Louxor Collection


Ivory Capucine Collection


Ivory Anglais Collection


Ivory Julia Collection


Dark Horn Julia Collection


Dark Horn Marbella Collection


Green Marble Julia Collection


Ebony Riviera Collection


Black Marbella Collection


Black Empire Collection


Ebony Carla Collection


Pink Seville Collection


Lignes Collection


Gatsby Collection