Leaves Assortment Bowl


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A stylish and more graphic accompaniment to Malaika’s Leaves Assortment 1 Bowl, pair together for a beautiful yet original assortment of pottery. Each bowl is handcrafted in the oasis village of Tunis, using an art form that dates back to Ancient Egypt.


Size: 8" D

Material: Frame: Clay, Fire clay from Aswan - upper Egypt Surface material: Lead-free glaze Colours of earthen oxides.

How To Clean: We recommend hand washing in warm water and drying. Please do not place in the microwave, directly on top of a burner, or in the oven. Using harsh scrubbing cream or pads to clean can scratch the surface. Fayoum pottery is meant to be used, held and enjoyed on a daily basis. Proper care and handling of the pieces will help retain their beauty and function for years.

Origin: Made in Cairo

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