Red Bloom Plate


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Hand crafted by a potter in the oasis village of Tunis in Fayoum, this plate features an exquisite depiction of a flower in bloom, inspired by its potter’s surroundings.

With the beauty of this plate lying in the simplicity of its design, the maker’s use of striking colours ensure that it will add a touch of festivity to any table, whilst remaining an elegant addition to your ceramic collection.


Size: 8" D

Material: Plate: Clay, Fire clay from Aswan - upper Egypt Surface material: Lead-free glaze Colours of earthen oxides.

How To Clean: We recommend hand washing in warm water and drying. Please do not place in the microwave, directly on top of a burner, or in the oven. Using harsh scrubbing cream or pads to clean can scratch the surface. Fayoum pottery is meant to be used, held and enjoyed on a daily basis. Proper care and handling of the pieces will help retain their beauty and function for years.

Origin: Made in Cairo

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