Land of Alyssa Kapito: The Interior Designer on the Most Fun Room to Decorate and the Necessary Pilgrimage for Anyone Interested in Design

Land of Alyssa Kapito: The Interior Designer on the Most Fun Room to Decorate and the Necessary Pilgrimage for Anyone Interested in Design


Interior designer Alyssa Kapito has created beautifully textured interiors for projects as varied as an Upper East Side pre-war apartment, a modern beach house in Bellport, and a family home in Beverly Hills. Her distinctive style combines bright whites, warm neutrals, and subtle decorative elements for an effect that’s elegant without being formal and restrained without being anywhere near cold. Her rooms make you feel calm—like you could sit there for hours with a cocktail in one hand and a fabulous book in the other. Which is the state we want to be in at all times. To get a sense of how she’s developed her eye, we asked the interior designer about her inspirations, her entertaining go-tos, and what makes a place feel like home.

Describe your aesthetic in five words or less.

Classic, Edited, Artful

Colors or neutrals.


Favorite room of the house to decorate and why?

I love living rooms because you can break out of the box a little. In a bedroom you always need a bed, a dining room you always need a dining table and a kitchen has to be practical. A living room, on the other hand, can really be however you want it to be.I have a daybed in the middle of my living room and I love it!

ic: Alyssa Kapito, Holiday House 2017, NYC.

"Home is happiness. Fill it with people and things that bring you joy." 

Any artists that inspire your work?

Cy Twombly, Agnes Martin, Picasso, the Giacometti brothers (both Diego and Alberto), Jean Michel Frank, Francis Bacon, Josef Hoffman, Chuck Close… this list could go on and on!

What’s your favorite museum in the world?

The Picasso museum in Paris. I’m also endlessly inspired by the Greek and Roman wing at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Three favorite hotels?

J.K. Place Capri
, Ett Hem in Stockholm, and J.K. Place Roma.

What destination is on the top of your travel wishlist?

Japan—I feel like that’s a necessary pilgrimage for anyone who’s really interested in design.

Any go-to hors d'oeuvres you like to serve when entertaining?

Really good olives. My favorites are the DeCarlo Cerignola olives from Eataly.

What are 2-3 key ingredients to a successful dinner party?

Linen cocktail and dinner napkins (always), fresh flowers and, most importantly, a relaxed attitude.

What on your go-to playlist for a get-together at home?

For a dinner party I usually gravitate towards French music, I find it really relaxing and welcoming. I love Carla Bruni and her voice makes you want to drink more wine!

Favorite candle to burn when entertaining?

I love Bartolome by Cire Trudon. That particular scent is still a bit under the radar and it's my absolute favorite. I put it in all of my projects too, my clients love it.

Any type of wine you usually gravitate to?

I love having port at the end of a meal.

What's your go-to hostess gift?

A good bottle of wine, unless I find something really personal.

Do you collect anything?

I love danish pottery and have quite a bit of it. My favorites are by Just Anderson, Berndt Friberg, Arne bang and Carl-Harry Stalhane.

ic: Alyssa Kapito, Holiday House 2017, NYC.


What Instagram accounts do you follow for design inspiration?

, @therow, @sophiebuhai and @theworldofinteriors

What's your favorite aspect of playing host?

Seeing a lot of people around my dinner table! It reminds me of how I grew up. I’m one of six kids, and dinners were always this happy chaos of siblings and friends with tons of food and everyone talking over one another.

To you, home is...

Happiness. Fill it with people and things that bring you joy.

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