Land of Hannah Bronfman: The Wellness Entrepreneur on Her Secret Ingredient for Margaritas and Her Go-to Playlist for Entertaining

Land of Hannah Bronfman: The Wellness Entrepreneur on Her Secret Ingredient for Margaritas and Her Go-to Playlist for Entertaining


ic: Bronfman at home in NYC

Hannah Bronfman has built a thriving brand out of being herself. She and her husband, Brendan Fallis, have an enviable ability to squeeze everything into their packed lives: Work, frequent travels to the world’s most beautiful locales, delicious home-cooked meals, and an unparalleled fitness and self-care regimen.The stylish DJ, entrepreneur, and Founder of HBFIT is all about wellness—take one look at her Instagram stories, and you’ll see a stream of workouts and healthy recipes—so it’s no surprise that her party-hosting essentials include lots of fresh everything: Veggies, homemade hummus, lime juice and flowers. Here’s a look at what inspires her and a few of her secrets for entertaining at home.

Describe your aesthetic in five words or less.

Minimal, elegant, modern, worldly

Favorite room or area of the house to decorate and why?

I think that would have to be the first floor in our house which includes our kitchen, dining area and our living room. It’s where we do most of our entertaining, so we loved making it feel a little more editorial than the rest of the house.

What inspired the design of your apartment?

The space itself is what’s most unique about our apartment, so it was really about accentuating key elements like the windows, stove and bathroom wallpaper. The windows make the living room seem grand without us having to overly decorate with accessories. The kitchen is minimal but the Lacanche stove really stands out. The overall vibe we were going for was minimal, comfortable and chic. I think that was largely influenced by Parisian style. 

ic: Entertaining level of Bronfman’s apartment


"I find that home is great for creating a creative space for myself"

Name your three favorite design hotels.

Hotel Montefiore in Tel Aviv, Wild Coast Lodge in Sri Lanka and La Mamounia in Marrakech.

Color or neutrals?

I would say neutrals with a pop of color.

What are the key ingredients to a successful dinner party?

Great company, great food and great cocktails! Good lighting helps, too.

What's one item you'd never entertain without?

Fresh cut flowers and tequila.

What’s on your go-to playlist for a get-together at home?

Right now I’m really loving Afro-Brazilian beats—they pair well with the warm weather and bright cocktails. Caribbean-centric beats are also a great way to get people in a good mood. I’m a Pandora fan, and I also love the “radio” playlists you can make on Spotify based on artists you like: these days I’m loving Wiz Kid radio or Buena Vista Social Club radio.

Favorite cocktail to serve at home?

I like creating my own version of a margarita, which includes tequila and a lot of fresh lime, of course, but I also have a secret ingredient, which is a herb called Damiana. I only found out about recently, but it’s soooo good. I have also become very interested in Orange wines… I don’t know any brands yet, but I’m excited to explore.

Go-to hors d'oeuvres to serve at a party?

I love a colorful plate of veggies and and unconventional dips like a walnut lentil pate or a beet hummus. I have also been loving non-dairy cheese and artisanal crackers. Some of my favorites are Faux Gras, Mary’s Crackers,  and this Beet Hummus recipe from Eye Swoon. 

What's your go-to hostess gift?

It depends, but if they are a really good friend, I love giving the extra large Diptyque candles.

ic: Hannah and Brendan’s bedroom

Favorite wedding gifts you received?

One of my favorite wedding gifts was a set of beautiful white Murano glasses from Laguna B (from Land of Belle, of course!). Our favorite experiential gift was an amazing tour we received from a friend during our honeymoon in Rome. It was a private tour with just me and my husband, and the tour guide was a 7th-generation Roman and took us to the first ever pharmacy which is closed to the public and said to be the original apothecary to the Pope. For a beauty junkie like me it was amazing to see cabinets full of medicinal flowers and old machinery that made potions and elixirs. 

What Instagram accounts do you follow for design inspiration?

of course, @designmilk, @archdigest, and @elledecor.

To me, home is…

My sanctuary. It’s where I can escape from the craziness of the city. Relaxing while taking a bath, cooking and chilling are all things I love about home. I also find that home is great for creating a creative space for myself—I find it easy to write and work there.

ic: Hannah at home in NYC

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